Booksellers’ Choice an opt-in monthly subscription group-buying service for ABA members developed to help ABA booksellers improve their businesses by achieving better trading terms with publishers. It is designed primarily for independent booksellers who do not benefit from franchise central buying.

Bookseller’ Choice provides:

1. Low-cost options for members to access great value buys
2. Simplicity in accessing offers and processing orders

3. Inclusion of members in the curation of group marketing


• Trading Terms – group offers of new release titles, core lists and promotional deals
• Direct EDI of orders for terms where possible
• Booksellers’ Choice Your Reading Guides –(Autumn, Spring and Summer editions)
• Booksellers’ Choice Monthly Highlights digital and printable newsletters

The Booksellers' Choice Reading Guides and Monthly Newsletters  are optional marketing assets that can be ordered by all ABA members. Booksellers can choose to customise these resources with their store header. 

Booksellers’ Choice is open to ABA booksellers who are not part of other buying services. Booksellers who choose to become part of the Booksellers’ Choice group need to sign a service and non-disclosure agreement and pay a monthly subscription fee.

For more information including fees members can log in to the FAQs below or please contact: Galina Marinov, Booksellers' Choice Group Development Manager P: 0414 166 203 or E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Member testimonials

“I’m rapt with the service. It’s brilliant that we are getting such a great discount off the new releases and also the best-selling backlist titles. We have ordered the Booksellers’ Choice Summer Reads – it looks terrific and the titles are wonderful.”  Nicole Maher, Great Escape Books

“We are loving it! Already it is helping us make two fundamental changes – the restock and pick up of new backlist titles that we were reluctant to on our usual base rate, and it has moderated our over-ordering on new release lists. Previously we would order multiples to achieve a bit more margin, and our returns would reflect this. A very attractive feature of the ABA program is the ability to order directly through our usual purchasing system (Circlesoft) to achieve the discount. Most of all, I like the fact this program is collegiate and that any (independent) member of the ABA can join.”
Libby Armstrong, Beachside Bookshop

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