The ABA Booksellers’ Choice Your Reading Guide - Summer edition is available to order NOW


The Booksellers’ Choice Your Reading Guide - Summer 2021 is an ABA produced reading guide featuring over 170 fiction, non-fiction and children’s books selected by a panel of independent booksellers for booksellers and their customers.

 • A4, 20-page full-colour guide

• Includes 3 pages of children’s titles

All orders include FREE delivery, digital copy and point of sale

• A listing on the Booksellers’ Choice Reading Guide stockists page

Minimum order 500 copies

• Re-order terms for Booksellers’ Choice members

Digital and Social Media assets

Member stores can order the latest guide online by logging on to the members' shop or log in below for a PDF order form plus a complete title list.

The Summer edition of Your Reading Guide is part of the ABA yearly marketing program including three seasonal guides (Autumn, Spring and Summer editions) and the annual Kids’ Reading Guide, all put together with the help of a panel of ABA booksellers. 

For any queries regarding the Booksellers' Choice Your Reading Guide, contact Galina on 0414 166 203 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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