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About the Australian Booksellers Association

The Australian Booksellers Association (ABA) promotes the interests of booksellers in Australia. The Association has its origins in state associations formed early in the 20th century, which later amalgamated into a federal association.

In 1985 the Association was incorporated in Victoria and now acts as the national body representing Australian booksellers. Members range from independent bookshops to chain and franchise shops, as well as specialist, second hand, academic and educational booksellers. The ABA is governed by a Statement of Purposes and Rules, which is available on request.

The purposes of the ABA include providubg a range of training and educational programs for members; establishing bonds between booksellers all over Australia; enhancing the unique role of books in our society; fostering and encouraging the selling of books; providing a national forum for member booksellers; providing technical advice and information to booksellers;

The Association has a Management Committee elected by the membership. Members of the committee have a 'stewardship' role towards the membership as a whole and are expected to apply their skills to this task. The Management Committee assists in improving the Association's policy, activities and administration to help the Association achieve its objectives. The ABA has a permanent staff under the responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer. The ABA is represented on most book trade councils and committees.

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