If you are an established bookseller or a new entrant to the bookselling industry, and looking for an organisation which can help you connect with others, improve your business efficiencies as well as represent your interests to the book trade, then the Australian Booksellers Association can help.

The ABA understands and empowers booksellers to do business their way – from postage deals to staying connected to having a say in Canberra, the ABA promotes the unique benefits of bookshops and the interests of Australian booksellers. Our association provides education and training, advocacy, marketing support and technical advice. We recognise and celebrate the special role that books and bookselling play in society – creating community, supporting ideas and creativity, and opening doors to other worlds and experiences.

The association has recently launched Booksellers' Choice buying group, a new opt-in member benefit which consists of group offers on publishers’ new releases, backlist and promotional deals, and a range of marketing assets, including reading guides and monthly newsletters.  Booksellers' Choice is a low-cost scheme designed for members not currently part of other buying services. For more detail click here.