Marketing materials

ABA members have access to a range of marketing materials that promote the benefits of shopping locally. 

#ShopEarly #ShopLocal

Remind your customers to #ShopEarly #ShopLocal this Christmas.

COVID-19 re-opening assets

A range of safe messaging point of sale including shelftalkers, A5 cards and A4 posters.

Christmas - Shop local

A Christmas call to action. This year Santa is shopping local and so should you!

Christmas - Deck the Halls

A more traditional Christmas message with a 21st-century twist.

Christmas - Easier to wrap

A fun Christmas image to share with your customers.  

Christmas - Embrace your local

"By shopping here you are part of a community that employs friends and neighbours, helps the environment, supports your local schools."

Love Your Bookshop Logo Pack

Remind your customers to LOVE YOUR BOOKSHOP every day of the year by using this logo. 

ABA Website Logo Pack

Let your customers know that you are a member of the ABA by using this logo decal on your website. 

Eat, Sleep, Read, Local

Remind your customers of the benefits of shopping local with these posters and flyers.  

Unplug Your Kids with Books!

A fabulous image to use instore or online to promote the benefits of childrens books.