15/02/2021 update 

The Perth and Peel restrictions have ended as planned from 12.01am, Sunday, 14 February.

This means the whole of Western Australia returns to the pre-lockdown conditions, as experienced prior to 6pm on Sunday, 31 January.

From Sunday, 14 February masks will no longer be required to be worn either inside or outside, there will be no travel restrictions in WA, except for remote Aboriginal communities and mandatory contact registration will continue, as was planned prior to the lockdown.

Western Australians should continue to practise physical distancing where possible, maintain good personal hygiene at all times and get tested when unwell.

It is vital that all Western Australians ensure they are registering their contact details, at businesses and venues where contact registers are mandatory, to assist contact tracing if it is required.

Record keeping for retailers

The mandatory keeping of a contact register which was updated to include all retail businesses.  Information about SafeWA, the WA Government's free online contact register app can be found here.