Supplier support

The ABA is speaking with and corresponding with publishers about the issues bookshops are facing and the possible assistance that could be provided. The ABA has put to publishers that the following are measures that we believe need to be considered for ABA members:

  • Extended payment terms
  • Increased base discount
  • Extending returns windows to manage the inevitable mass returns
  • Free freight on returns
  • Amplifying bookshop social media
  • Continuous communication through the ABA, as our members are engaged with our newsletters and comms

We also recommend contacting your suppliers to discuss your individual needs and we will continue to update members on our broader industry discussions and intiaitives.



Affirm Press

As at 07/04

No pub date moves for us. All other distribution questions as per ADS.

Minimum Orders - ADS minimum order is now $100 retail.


As at 23/03

ADS is doing everything within their control to remain open for business and have confirmed they will remain open and operational without any significant disruptions to normal business as they work through this evolving crisis, unless forced to close by the authorities.

Pick Pack

ADS will be adequately resourced to continue to pick ,pack and ship orders within the normal turnaround. The eventual lead times may be impacted by the various freight and courier services across the markets. 

Minimum order value changed to $100 RRP until further notice. Returns window extended from generally 3-12 months from invoice date to 18 months full SOR.


As at 07/04

A portion of our overseas titles are being affected by transport and production delays and we are updating pub dates as and when we become confident of the new dates. We’re also working to print a lot more locally to offset delays.

We send feeds to TitlePage frequently, and each time we feed those new dates should be picked up.

Availability of “indent to order” titles

We have received advice about significant changes to availability of international airfreight. With Qantas and other airlines grounding their fleets by the end of this month and priority being given to essential goods, space for books on aircraft will be dramatically reduced and turnaround times will be unpredictable. Airfreight costs are also increasing significantly.

For these reasons Bloomsbury will not be offering an airfreight service for “indent to order” stock, effective immediately and until further notice.

We are exploring other options, such as local print on demand, to improve speed of supply of some of the ‘to order’ titles in our catalogue. We will update the status of those titles in our system, in our feeds, and on TitlePage as soon as possible.

However, a significant proportion of our “indent to order” titles will now have to be ordered via seafreight. While seafreight timeframes are currently approximately 10 weeks from the UK, and 9 weeks from the US, these timeframes may also be subject to change depending on circumstances.

It’s unclear at the moment exactly what “indent” stock ordered in the last 2 weeks is en route or still at the freight forwarder awaiting uplift, but we should have a clearer picture of exactly which titles are affected, and be able to provide more information on those soon.

Please note that the above applies specifically to “indent to order” titles.

Book Systems International

As at 01/05

Shipments from/to New Zealand have resumed for both air and ocean movement. 

Flight frequency from the U.K. will be weekly with a pre-booking of 4-5 days.

Flight frequency from the U.S. will be weekly with a pre-booking of 2-3 days.

Collection of shipments from European/U.K. origins is impeded due to country-by-country restrictions. Collection of shipments from some U.S. suppliers is impeded due to state-by-state restrictions.

Please note: Our ocean services currently remain unaffected and our assembly depots in U.K., U.S.A., China, Hong Kong and Australia will continue to receive shipments for export.

Shipments from/to New Zealand have resumed for both air and ocean movement.

Please ensure you contact our offices and/or the import team member who you deal with for costing updates and further information and confirmation of any specific service you require.

Footprint Books

Footprint Book’s customer care team are on a rotating “working from home” arrangement and our warehouse is still shipping orders daily. We are experiencing a few delays with our airfreight and we have implemented a delivery service for booksellers that will ship direct to customers on their behalf.


As at 01/04

It is with great sadness that we have taken the difficult decision to temporarily suspend taking new orders for physical product at Gardners due to the current Coronavirus Virus Pandemic, however, our digital services will be unaffected. We will be working hard to clear all outstanding orders over the coming days, so any existing orders should be processed.

We will be looking to see what key services we can turn back on as soon as possible and will be updating all our customers and suppliers on a regular basis as to the progress we are making.


As at 07/04

New Releases - Information on TitlePage is correct and constantly being updated as titles move. But things are changing quickly. We can no longer Air Freight. Where titles are in the warehouses, they will release early depending on the title, expected publicity, marketing planned etc. But we would consider it.

Backlist - Information on TitlePage is correct and constantly being updated as titles move. We can no longer Air Freight.

Minimum Orders - ADS have reduced the minimum order value to $100 RRP and the returns extension from 3 to 12 months to 3 to 18 months.


As at 09/04

The major title updates should have been sent through, and our reps will also have the list and will have communicated those.

Regarding backlist, ship and air freight will have some delays, but its title based and hard to gauge. Local backlist is obviously subject to local printers and couriers. There were communications from HEDS this week about XL delays.

Minimum Order HarperCollins Publishers advises that, effective immediately (23rd March), the minimum order value has been reduced to $100. If you have any questions, please contact your Local Sales Manager


As at 25/03

HarperCollins Publishers advises that, effective immediately, the minimum order value has been reduced to $100.
If you have any questions, please contact your local sales manager.

HEDS is currently fully operational in all areas. Including Order Entry, RA request, Returns Processing and Picking for both Back Catalogue and New Release. Within Australia our transport suppliers are delivering as normal with all deliveries shipping to normal timelines. If you have any concerns or would like more information please contact HEDS customer service on 1300 551 721


As at 20/03 

Ingram are monitoring the supply chain and deliveries closely and remain in close contact with our carrier partners. At this time, there are no known delays with Ingram shipments. However, the situation is changing continuously and we will update you as we learn more.

John Reed Books

The John Reed Books warehouse is open for order processing and dispatch government restrictions and virus permitting: Hours: 9.00am-4.00pm Monday to Thursday

Lightning Source

We are monitoring all global geographies where we do business for announcements regarding Covid-19 and are adjusting our business accordingly. At this time, we can report that all our facilities and distribution centres around the world remain open. Ingram Content Group continues to take actions to support the health and safety of all our associates as well as provide critical services to the industry in these difficult times.

Lonely Planet

As at 24/03

At Lonely Planet, our focus is on ensuring our staff, our authors and our community all remain safe during these challenging times. As the world’s #1 travel guidebook publisher, we are currently assessing our publishing program and release schedule. It’s inevitable that our guidebook release schedule from July 2020 onward will be impacted. This means that our printed catalogue which you may have in-stores will now be inaccurate. We’ll continue to release, where appropriate, our Lonely Planet Kids and trade adult titles as we endeavour to inspire our readers about how beautiful, weird, inventive and spectacular our planet is. We’ll be contacting you shortly with an update on this.  

NewSouth Books

As at 14/04

New releases - We update TitlePage every 24 hours. Pub dates are correct on TitlePage, but there is an enormous amount of rescheduling due to Covid19, we will do our best to keep on top of this. Air freight from our international publishers is now non-existent due to huge rises in air freight costs and availability. We are working hard to bring as many international titles as possible onto POD.

Where the titles are in the warehouses we have been releasing early.

Backlist Yes, as above.

Minimum Orders ADS minimum order is now $100 retail.

Nielsen Book

Nielsen Book are commited to exploring how to better support independent booksellers, with the added challenge of making things happen more quickly amidst the unprecedented coronavirus situation we are all facing.

Nielsen Book will continue to provide additional weekly analysis to all clients and participating retailers, incorporating book market updates and wider Nielsen insights.

We will expand the data provided to Independent booksellers currently contributing to the BookScan Australia panel, and to that end we will be providing a deeper cut of data in weekly sends, along with an additional update ‘pack’ with easy-to-digest’ title level charts. We are fast-tracking all of this and will send out some further detail on this as soon as possible. In the meantime, if you have any feedback or requests, please send these our way at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Novella Distribution is operational and is shipping all in-stock orders within a 1-2 day turnaround to quickly get stock to our customers during this challenging time. To help protect our team we have some staff working from home which may result in occasional minor delays in answering the phone. If this happens, please leave a voicemail and we will return your call as quickly as possible.


As at 07/04

New releases - All information correct at this point in time. Dates are being updated regularly via ONIX/Title Page.

Imports - COVID has impacted all imported titles – now all by sea/no airfreight. 10-12 weeks current ETA. Some UK dates pushed out 2-3 month.

Backlist - TitlePage information is correct. Dates are being updated regularly ONIX/Title Page.

Minimum Orders - Minimum order value and surcharges haven’t changed. (Booksellers Choice member orders are exempt from small order surcharge, otherwise is $200 net and SOS $12.50)


As at 07/04

PRH updates TitlePage every day, with any changes to pub dates for all titles.Some titles in the warehouse are released on the dailies, but most remain on their normal pub runs.

Indent titles are not being air freighted from overseas and some are being sea freighted.

No changes to usual order value and small order surcharge.


Min order value and surcharge stay the same - $200 and $12.50.

Returns window has been extended 3-18 months. Current authorised returns will also extend for 6 months rather than the usual expiry after 30 days.

Regency Distribution

Regency Distribution Services remains open for business, and all orders will continue to be shipped to our clients. All emails are being answered, with call centre numbers are being answered by staff working at home as part of necessary precautions at this time.


As at 07/04

We have not made any major changes to any day to day operation at Scholastic at this time.

Title page is being updated if and when any changes are made to our release schedule.

Min order value has not changed but we are willing to view on a case to case basis if needs require it.

Simon & Schuster

As at 07/04

New releases - Any changes to pub dates are updated on our weekly feed to TitlePage. We have had quite a few titles moved to later in the year, but this is reflected on our weekly feed to TitlePage, and I also send out an email each week with a summary of changes.

Where the titles are in the warehouses would you consider releasing early? Not at this stage, as we need to stick to HEDS’s monthly release runs. We are looking at moving a few titles forward where we think it might be beneficial (for us and for the market!)

Backlist - No major effects from Covid as yet and we’re not anticipating any problems but will keep you updated.

Minimum Orders - HEDS have reduced their minimum order value to $100. At this stage we’re not sure how long this will be in place, but they will communicate any changes directly to bookstores and we will also keep you updated of any changes.

Thames & Hudson

As at 09/04

New Releases - TitlePage takes daily feeds from us. Their information is correct for new releases and backlist. Where the titles are in the warehouse, we would release on a title by title basis.

Backlist - TitlePage take daily feeds from us. Their information is correct. 

Minimum Orders - ADS minimum order is now $100 retail.


As at 07/04

No changes to current limits and surcharges happening at the moment ($280 inc gst and $11 small order surcharge)

Wakefield Press

As at 21/04

To reflect the times, we have recently reduced our min free-freight order value to $50 minimum net invoice value, with a freight charge of $10 (inc GST) for orders below that. We have no minimum order as such.

Walker Books

As at 08/04

New releases - All our publication dates are up to date on TItlePage but of course changing daily. Where titles are in the warehouse, early release will be considered on a title by title basis.

Backlist - All our information is accurate, but of course changing daily.

Minimum Orders - All HEDS orders have been reduced to $100min net + gst until further notice.


Woodslane remains open and operating business as usual, and will continue to do so for as long as possible within the current conditions and advice from authorities. All due precautions are being taken including rotation of staff and remote work, however as long as stores remain open, and freight companies continue delivering, Woodslane will continue to supply.