Operational guidelines for bookshops

-   Review your inventory holdings and process returns if your stock is aging

-   Review your unfulfilled orders - there may be a need to cull

-   Review your staffing and opening hours

-   Review your online offering - if you have one can it be enhanced, if not, consider building one

-   Call your suppliers. We have presented them with a list of things we believe appropriate, but you will need to speak to directly to your account manager

-   If you are trading, review your sanitation procedures

-   Seek rent relief by contacting your landlord - see general advice below.

Rent relief advice

From Victorian Small Business Commissioner as at 25/03

If a landlord and tenant are dealing with a situation where the tenant is having difficulty paying rent as a result of COVID-19, we encourage both the landlord or their agent and tenant to communicate as early as possible.

This is really important, as it helps to make sure both parties are aware of and understand each other’s position. Some tenants might be seeking help with their rent because they’re experiencing a downturn in business. If tenants intend to request rent relief, they might need to provide records to the landlord or agent. This is why we recommend that tenants in this situation keep accurate business records to help show how trade has been affected.We also recommend that the landlord or agent and the tenant arrange a meeting to discuss the situation or send an email or letter to the other party detailing the issue and their request. If a landlord, agent or tenant is unable to obtain a response from the other party, we might be able to help through the VSBC’s mediation service. 

Australian retailer association resources

The Australian Retailers Association has an excellent resource page for retailers including a detailed handbook here