Update 24th March

It is presently okay to trade as a bookshop and we know that many of you are continuing to do so. There are guidelines for physical distancing that need to be observed, and sanitation procedures that should be followed. Different bookshops have taken different approaches to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some have decided to close their businesses as they believe it is the appropriate action for the situation. Others have decided to continue trading as they have worked with their staff and determined that to be the most appropriate action. That is an individual business decision at this stage. 

We have spoken to a lot of booksellers and publishers over the last week, and everyone is committed to doing their utmost to get through this. Please continue to call or email. We need to know what your issues are and from this experience we can often help. Your feedback is vital too, as the more information we have the better we can advocate. 

ABA office

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need assistance. We are instituting a rolling roster of attendance at the office.

Facebook group

Please consider joining the ABA members Facebook group where you can go to share thoughts, ideas, pool resources or just chat with fellow booksellers during this time. 

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